Style: Rima Vaidila from Fire on the Head

I never wanted to showcase two fashion bloggers in a row, but after coming across Rima Vaidila from Fire on the Head, I knew I had to. With a minimalistic style so inspiring, she is sure to show you how to pull of basics everyday.

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Style: Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley

My minimalistic obsession came to me via Pinterest. Scrolling through pin after pin, placing pictures on my boards, I began to notice a trend — everything I liked was simple, beautiful, natural, and mostly monochrome. It was on Pinterest that I found my style icon, Australian born Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley. Her simplistic, yet elegant style has inspired me everyday since finding her blog to not only be a better dresser, but also show me that sometimes less is more. Sara Donaldson rarely wears anything other than black, white or grey, and will often post “how tos” for makeup and hair. If you haven’t yet already, I highly recommend you check out her blog and get inspired too.

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DIY: Minimalistic Gift Wrapping

A favourite blog of mine Mash Makes, posted a DIY bridesmaid gift design over a year ago. With the holiday approaching fairly fast, I decided to revisit her post and thought it would make great minimalistic gift packaging.

Photo: Mash Makes

Here she used small brown boxes, twine and olive tree branches. However, if you were to use brown parcel paper, twine, and substituted the olive tree branches with pine tree branches, or any festive plant (think poinsettia), you would have beautiful, simplistic, and culturally appropriate gift packaging for anyone.

Photo: Mash Makes

Design: Annaleena Designs

I’ve spent the last two days rifling through the work of Annaleena, a Swedish-born freelance interior stylist. Her work in minimalism is en pointe. Her clean, sharp designs are inspiring to say the least, and her use of basic shapes with industrial materials will make any room interesting. Here are some pictures from her own home shared on her website, which can be found at

MOON CANDLE HOLDER by Annaleena Designs
CLOTHING RAIL ROUND by Annaleena Designs

image image image